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Renu Broadband Plans & Pricing

Terms & Conditions

  • All speeds mentioned are in megabytes per second and kilobytes per second.
  • Contention Ratio of mentioned plans are 1:8 means download and upload may depend on the usage of other users at the same time or it can be vary sometimes
  • Unlimited plans are for residential use only, redistribution/commercial usage will lead to instant account termination.
  • Above mentioned plans only available in selected area of Uttar Pradesh
  • All rights reserve by the company
  • Renu TV plan is available in selected Area. The Plans are intended only for personal use of included services.
  • Security Applicable.
  • The tariffs are exclusive of Goods and Service Tax (GST), unless mentioned otherwise. One month denotes 30 days unless specified otherwise.
  • The prepaid recharge once processed, can neither be refunded for cash nor be transferred to any other account.
  • Renu Broadband encourages responsible use of unlimited data by each of its subscribers. Renu Broadband believes that even when a subscriber chooses to use the Unlimited plans extensively he or she may not be able to consume the maximum data limit of 2000 GB per month or above as per the tariff plan subscribed (hereinafter referred as “Maximum Data Limit”). Any such usage over and above said Maximum Data Limit will be treated as abuse of Unlimited Data plans by the said subscriber.
  • Renu Broadband reserves its rights to withdraw the plan benefits in case the subscriber exceeds the said Maximum Data limit without giving any prior notice. The said withdrawal of plan benefits for such subscriber is done to ensure optimal use of Renu Broadband’ network, to avoid abuse of Unlimited Data benefits by any such subscriber and in the interest of all its subscribers.
  • Upon Subscriber reaching the Maximum data limit (as per the plan subscribed), Fair Usage Policy shall apply and the plan speeds will be throttled until the next billing cycle.
  • Broadband speeds are guaranteed at 80% of the advertised upto speeds 24×7 as per TRAI guidelines. We will make sure, a customer speed never drops below 80% of his plan speed and it should be only tested over a single LAN connected computer. Testing over Wi-Fi is not considered or taken as a complaint as speeds on wireless medium is subjected to environmental factors within the home which include but not limited to: brick walls, concrete flooring, steel plate reinforced flooring, thick structural wall, pillar with steel reinforcements, filled fish tank, TV, mirror, microwave and CPU casing. The signal strength may vary or fail altogether due to above mentioned factors which are not within Renu Broadband’ control. Renu Broadband supports ends at their cable terminating to the customer end.
  • Refer to our Broadband Consumer Charter for more detail.
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